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‼️🐱ADOPT ME🐱‼️

1 year old
Domestic Medium Hair Dilute tortie
Spayed female, fully vetted

Katy lived the first six months of her life in an apartment complex parking lot with what we assume were her littermates. As Katy got older and started going to heat, Katy's mom took her in so that she wouldn't have any babies. It ended up being just her and her human and a medium-sized doggy friend. Katy spent the first year of her life intact and was finally spayed once in our care! While she was loved dearly throughout her life, she wasn’t socialized a whole lot and can be a more shy kitty. The first few weeks in foster care, Katy was essentially an imaginary being. Her foster has several small kiddos, but the moments of quiet in the house… were the moments Katy came out to interact. Then… recently… on Mother’s Day… Katy’s foster mamma got a surprise! Katy came out from hiding for some lovin🥰. Katy is an extremely loving and affectionate cat. Like most cats, Katy will need some time to adjust to a new home. She may or may not be an instant chatty cathy or social kitty… but with a little patience, Katy absolutely comes around. Someone who has a quieter home with less hiding spots may provide Katy with an easier/faster adjustment time. But she can and will adjust to busier households as well.

Katy is sweet, kind, affectionate… and oh so humble. She absolutely knows humans are friends, and she adores snuggling once she is settled. We haven’t seen too much play from Katy yet, but she is young, and her previous owner reports her being playful!

Dogs: Katy does not currently live with a dog, but she has lived and been around small and large dogs in the past. She would likely do fine in a home that has dogs.

Cats: Yes! Katy lived with another kitty in a parking lot the first few months of her life… however she is not currently living with any. She had a brief stay at one of our volunteer’s houses and did well meeting the resident cat. Slow intros were not done since Katy was just staying one night there. The resident kitty, who has an unknown cat sociability, walked right up to Katy, and the two cats sniffed each other. No hissing, swatting, or obvious signs of discomfort/anger from either kitty. We actually wonder if a home with other cats would be helpful for Katy to open up quicker. 🤷🏼‍♀️

Kids: Katy is currently being fostered with several young kids. The hustle and bustle has likely caused her a little more stress, but she is adjusting and just needs some time! She has not shown signs of being aggressive of kiddos. She MAY prefer older kids, just for a more quiet/calm atmosphere… but it’s absolutely not a hard stop for her as she is able to adjust with time and patience

Litter habits: Litter trained, uses clay clumping litter

Katy is a humble kitty with lots of love to give. She is young and waiting for her forever humans to scoop her up. Will you give this gorgeous girl a forever home?😍

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