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❗️🐱ADOPT ME🐱❗️

1 year old
Neutered male, fully vetted

Legolas started out as a TNR but found his way into foster care after proving life on the streets wasn't for him. In the past few weeks Lego has gone from a big scardy cat with an injured leg to a spunky orange cat with a big personality.

In typical orange cat fashion he prefers his pettings on his own terms but loves to be around his people (and feline foster sibling). Legolas loves to play with strings and toy mice. He'll even bring them to you on occasion! He's a very vocal cat that likes to be heard and has no problem telling you when he thinks it's time for a snack. He particularly likes churo squeezy treats!

Dogs: Unknown

Cats: Yes! We would actually prefer for Lego to go into a home with other feline friends as he seems to follow their direction when it comes to being a normal cat!

Kids: Unknown (Older presumably)

Litter habits: Litter trained, uses pine pellet litter

Legolas was being bullied in his colony and was easily coaxed inside by his finders. He acclimated quickly and easily to his kitty foster sibling who was a bit of a bossy sass machine to him at first. They switch roles on who is bossy/sassy, which is interesting to see. His kitty foster sibling is being adopted soon and we would love for Lego to find his home soon as well!

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