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Wisp (kitten)

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Albuquerque/Rio Rancho

‼️🐱ADOPT ME🐱‼️
10 weeks old, female
Domestic short haired
Cream tabby tuxedo
Fully vetted prior to adoption
Wisp was brought into the shelter with her siblings when they were just days old. They were all struggling to take from the bottle and their foster was overwhelmed trying to tube feed/bottle feed all 5 of them! We had a foster hero that was available to help and so we took 3 from the litter! Stubborn, one brain cell, all the things that makes up the orangies! That is Wisp 🙂 Wisp loves to play and romp around with her kitty foster siblings!! Wisp also loves to lounge on the window and guard the house. Wisp knows that if any outsiders were to see her watching them, they’d surely run and hide. Her scary kitty claws, frightening amber eyes, strikingly bright fur (the poisonous ones are always the bright ones, right?🤪) But this is again an accurate depiction of Wisp’s orange-one-brain-celled personality. Because little does she know… she is far from scary. She is ADORABLE!!!
Dogs: Wisp is currently being fostered with a doggy that more than likely would enjoy her as a snack. Yum. Sooo… Wisp *mostly* understands the need to stay away of the doggy. However, sometimes her bold personality leads her and her siblings on an adventure through the baby gate. Daring. Very very daring. Wisp would be fine in a home with dogs, due to her age! She would much prefer a dog that is on friendlier terms with feline friends… but! She has gotten to know how to live her best life in the same home as one that isn’t quite friends to felines.
Cats: Yes! Wisp has been fostered with her two siblings and has met some other kittens at adoption events. Wisp would need a kitty friend in her future forever home. Whether that is a cat friend already in the home… or perhaps one of her siblings or another kitten in need!
Kids: Wisp is good with kiddos, given her age… she may need some assistance interacting with younger kiddos… as the kiddos would also need help interacting with her!
Litter habits: Litter trained, used pine pellets. Now uses clumping clay!
Adoption application: adoption_form/53713/generic

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