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Amys - Pit bull Mix

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2-3 years old
Spayed female

Amys is new to our rescue. She became a PKR dog on 9/15/23. We are still learning about her! Check back on this bio to see what we have learned in a few weeks!

Amys was saved from a small and incredibly overpopulated shelter. The shelter sent us a video of Amys interacting with another dog, and she was very tolerant and calm towards the very jumpy and crazy tester dog. Amys arrived into our rescue with a pretty bad case of kennel cough and she is still recovering as of 9/20/23

So far we know that one of Amys’ favorite things in this entire world is… a couch. Amys goes absolutely ballistic when she sees a couch. She rolls all over it and she begs for cuddles. Your lap isn’t close enough for Amys. She was to be sandwiched against you at all times. Amys has next to 0 idea what a stranger is. She does not care WHO you are, if you are willing to snuggle her on the couch, she will immediately take you up on this offer.

Amys did fine with meeting a small breed male dog. She was a tad fixated, but this small breed dog is a chicken and is initially scared of other dogs. Once he let her sniff him, she ignored him afterwards! Even when he rudely pushed her to play with him lol. She did fine with meeting a male puppy as well. She also did fine with meeting a female that was about her size. Amys is stiff with her greetings, which may turn some dogs off. But she may loosen up as she has time to decompress in her foster home. Her foster home has another female dog that is also stiff when meeting other dogs. Her foster home is currently keeping Amys separate from the resident dog due to the severity of Amys’ kennel cough at this time!

Amys did fine with an initial meet with a kitty. She was fixated at first… but one big swat/hiss in the face… and Amys got the hint. She has not been tested with cats beyond this interaction. We can test her more if you have cats and are interested in Amys!

Amys seems to adore any and every human. Including kiddos! (See comments for a pic!) that being said, Amys has a tendency to get overstimulated from complete and utter happiness when she receives attention… which sometimes results in her face booping a humans face… main problem being, her mouth isn’t always closed for this face boop🤣🤣🤣 So we would recommend for her to be closely monitored/controlled around super young kids so she doesn’t accidentally harm them with her BIIIIG love!! This may change once she is settled. This could also be corrected with training. She doesn’t show any aggression towards people, she just has BIIIIG feelings and must show them in BIIIIIIG actions!

Potty trained: unknown at this time!

Kennel trained: Amys has been absolutely wonderful in her crate so far

We can’t wait to learn more about this GORGEOUS girl! She will be available for adoption soon, but if you want to be the first to meet or learn more about this pretty pup, put in an application on our website! Putting in an application doesn’t obligate you in any way.

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