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Chance - Mixed breed puppy

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‼️🐶ADOPT ME🐶‼️

Mixed breed (lab? Pyrenees? NM special?)
9 weeks old (approx Jan 26th 2024)
Neutered male

Hello! My name is Chance!

I am a 9 week old mixed breed and I am so excited to find my forever family! I embrace every part of life with enthusiasm, curiosity, and kindness. My favorite place to be is right beside you, preferably on your lap, and I love snuggles and affection. I have been very sweet to every person! I am working on walking wonderfully on a leash at your side and will need continued guidance as I grow into likely a very large dog. I am an easy going soul, love naps, and wrestling with my dog friends. If you are looking for an affectionate, people oriented, happy go lucky pup, I’m the one for you!

Dogs: I have loved every dog I have met! I have several doggy foster siblings… for some reason my mom calls all of them naughty. Maybe because I’m just such an angel compared to them 😉 I even have a doggy foster sibling that is also a foster dog. Hes pretty cool, he likes to stick my head in his mouth and I think I like it too. I dunno, im just a baby! Is that not normal?🤪

Cats: I do like cats, and want to be friends with them, but I’m still learning to be gentle and respectful of their space. Continued socialization with small animals in my puppyhood would ensure success in the long term!🥰

Kids: I love love kiddos! Would love to have adult humans that can expose me to children and teach me the proper way to interact with them. As a puppy, I’ll probably get pretty mouthy, and would love some adult humans to teach me when and what to be mouthy with so that when I’m 50-80lbs… I can maintain my manners🤙🏻

Crate: I am doing amazing with crate training, sleep through the night! Due to my *suspected* breed mix, continued use of the crate in positive ways is highly encouraged from the rescue humans. The humans tell me that “pandemic puppies” have filled the shelters and separation or containment anxiety is a real hard problem to fix. Even though my foster mama works from home, she works hard to make sure I grow accustomed to alone time and crate time. The crate is and should always be my *happy place*

Potty trained: i am very good at letting my people know when I need to go outside to potty. That being said… I AM A PUPPY!!! I need your guidance and patience as I continue to hone my outside only potty skills 😉

I was picked up at the side of the road as a “FREE PUPPIES” deal. We don’t know where/who my siblings went to… but I was lucky enough to have been taken by my foster mom, a wonderful doggy advocate. Even though I’m not a pibble (well… who REALLY knows🤷🏼‍♀️), my foster mommy trusted PKR to find me a good home. Although we don’t know what my mix is, we still highly encourage a home with knowledge on guardian breeds to adopt me. If I am a Pyrenees mix, owning a Pyrenees as a regular house companion can sometimes take a special skill set. If I’m a lab or lab mix, even though labs are one of the most popular breeds… labs are still active and highly intelligent breeds that need just as much socialization and stimulation as any dog needs. So whatever the heck I am, I would love a family that is committed to loving me as I grow and learn. A family that is committed to taking the proper steps for shaping a well behaved large breed dog. I’m already a heckin good boy and have so much potential to stay a heckin good boy!!! (I like to say… 100% pure bred good BOYYY!)

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