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Clover - Pit bull mix

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Clover is a sweet, shy black and white pitbull mix, around 2-3 years old. She came from a rural shelter in early June 2023 after being an excellent mama to her final litter of puppies. She has been an excellent girl in her foster home so far!

Clover is shy and skittish and sometimes has a hard time trusting people right away, more so men. Her shy/fearfulness does not resonate with any sort of aggression and she will find herself in "flight" or avoidance mode. Once she has a few days to warm up to you though, she is stuck to you like a fly in honey. After a few days of learning her foster mom and dad were there to love on her (and with the help of lots of treats!), Clover finally realized she was safe. She is currently working on her confidence and meeting new people. She is making great progress!

In the house: Clover has not had a single accident inside since she came into her foster home. She has made it up to 8 hours without going outside. What does she do while alone you ask? This girl is a low to medium energy gal. She loves to cuddle and nap. This girl also LOVES her crate. It is her safe place when she is scared or stressed. She enters the crate with the command of “go home” and immediately settles. She also did well alone in the home for a few hours with the crate door open and access to water. She doesn’t seem to interested in toys yet. The way to this girl’s heart is TREATS. She especially loves cheese and peanut butter.

Dogs and cats: While still in the shelter, Clover liked to play with her doggie friends. We haven’t seen much of this yet, but she has done very well meeting dogs of all shapes and sizes as long as they respect her space. Even with mild corrections, she is very gentle. She would benefit from meeting any doggie friends first. She did very well on multiple pack walks with other dogs she had never met. She has not been around many cats, but does not seem overly interested and would probably just leave them alone.

Walking: Clover is extremely easy to walk. When she first gets outside, she may pull slightly because she’s so excited to get some good sniffs in. After a few hundred feet she walks with slack on the leash. She does get nervous and tuck her tail while pulling/stopping around loud noises or large crowds. We think this could get better with time and slow exposure. The longest walk she’s been on so far was about 2 miles. We are planning on getting her out on some trails to see how she does!

Kids: Clover get nervous around loud noises. However, she is sweet as pie with everyone she’s met and I’m sure with kids who know to give her time and space to adjust, she would do great. She did great letting some very young neighborhood girls give her a few pets.

Clover could be the perfect additional to any family or single person’s home. She is still blossoming into the spunky, loving girl we know she is. She just needs some time and patience. Make Clover your new best gal!

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