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Cupcake - Pit bull Mix

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1 years old
Spayed, fully vetted

So far we know Cupcake is your classic little squish faced love bug. At 40lbs, this girl is an adorable little compact and petite muffin! Cupcake doesn’t know any strangers. She is your best friend from the getgo. She offers her paw to anyone who will take it. She craves human affection in the deepest ways. Cupcake landed in the shelter where she was suffering mentally and physically. We aren’t exactly sure what her story is… but one source tells us she was from a small scale hoarding case that got busted. Some humans stepped up to get her out of the shelter and from there, into a foster home. Her foster home needed help with getting her adopted and so now she is a PKR dog! Cupcake lives with cats, dogs, horses and of course, her humans!

Dogs: So far Cupcake lives with her foster family's 3 dogs and she does well. Cupcake also attends a training class where she meets dogs of all shapes, sizes, breeds, and behaviors. Cupcake can show some reactivity on leash, she’s young and REALLY wants to interact with other dogs. Her foster family is working hard on her leash manners. (Pics in comments)

Cats: Cupcake has done very well with the cats and kittens in her foster home.

Kids: Cupcake is excellent with kiddos! In fact, we would LOVE for Cupcake to have a home with kiddos that would love to love her every second. If she could be cuddling someone all the time, that would be her most favorite thing ever. She absolutely adores her Foster’s human daughter. (Pics in comments)

Kennel: Cupcake is kennel trained but this is definitely something she needs help with in her forever home. Her foster humans kennel her when they are gone, but Cupcake would sure as heck love for her humans to not leave🤣 Don’t worry, we have explained to Cupcake that humans HAVE to leave… but they will always come back.

We ADORE Cupcake, and we know you will too!!! Her sweet pibble face is so squishy and she deserves the most loving home. Apply to meet Cupcake!!

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