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Frankie - Staffordshire Terrier Mix

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Santa Fe

Frankie (aka Frankie Tiger Muffinz) is a 2 year old brindle beauty who is ready to find her forever home! Frankie has been in foster care since late January 2023 after being rescued from an overcrowded shelter where she won over her foster mom's heart. Her paperwork at the shelter said that she was surrendered due to "too many animals." She had obviously had at least one or two litters and was in heat when rescued from the shelter, and was spayed a week after leaving the shelter.

Frankie loves to get lots of cuddles in with humans (and she is velvety soft), getting belly rubs, loading up in the truck for a joy ride, and chasing/being chased by and grooming her foster sister, a 1 year old high energy female pittie-mix. She is active and loves going for walks and hikes, and this brave girl will jump in the river at low levels even though her legs are super short.

Frankie's new favorite thing to do is to lay in bed with her head on a human and then burrow under the covers so she can play hide and seek with her foster sister, and then when she hears something outside go charging through the magnetic screen door to check things out in the backyard. She barked quite a bit at the window or outside when she first came to her foster home, but has mostly been trained out of barking—now she just runs outside and does a small whimper or one bark, and responds very well to "Quite Frankie, good quiet!". She also sits very well and backs up when I ask her to at the front gate and will now wait for me to give the "okay" before following me to the truck.

Dogs: Frankie does very well with the other dog in her foster home. She is currently being fostered with a female dog and has been introduced to various other dogs. As mentioned, she was surrendered from a home that had lots of animals so we believe doggy siblings can absolutely be in Frankie's future. She would also be just fine as an only dog if need be as she LOVES humans and could mostly care less about her doggy friends. When being evaluated to become a PKR dog, Frankie met quite a few of our dogs and she gave each of them kisses, especially the little small breed puppy she met. If you have pets in your home, we would love to set up a time for them to meet so we can make sure Frankie likes your pup(s) and vice versa.

Cats: Frankie has not yet been tested with cats.

Kids: Frankie has not lived with children in his foster home, but he has been exposed to children on walks and at the dog park and she hasn't shown any issues. Frankie loves hoomans, in a true pibble fashion and we would bet that tiny hoomans would be ever so loved by this gentle soul.

Kennel: Frankie recently learned how to hoist her compact muscle-y 55 lb body over a 4 and a half foot fence (total Rambo style, jumping up to get her front paws over the ledge and pulling herself up and over), so the fence had to be fortified a bit and Frankie began crate training so she would be safe while left alone at home. The great news is that Frankie is a crate natural, and hasn't whined or barked at all when put in her crate. She has never had any destructive behaviors in her foster home, outside of ripping apart some dog toys (she loves squeaker toys and ropes).

Potty trained: Perfectly
Leash trained: 90%

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