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Georgie (kitten)

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‼️🐱ADOPT ME🐱‼️
8 weeks old
Domestic short haired
Brown maverick tabby
Fully vetted prior to adoption
Georgie was found in the sewers of ABQ with his mom and siblings and a handsome Tom cat named Mitch (we love Mitch). He is named after a character in the film/book IT… because… well.. Sewer!!! Georgie was one of the first of his sewer siblings to come around to human affection and indoor life. Took her a mere 24 hours! He was COVERED in fleas, had a super icky URI, and was just not in the best shape. He seriously seemed to be at peace with being bathed and softly talked to when his temp foster was cleaning him up. He didn’t struggle in the bath, and he melted being burrito’d and dried after his bath. Within the first couple of days in his temporary foster home… he followed suit with his sewer sibling, April, and was the 2nd of his siblings to make friends around the doggy’s. He came out to play and didn’t really care about their presence. It shocks all of us, given how scared and shy these sewer babies were. Its vital to capture kittens and socialize them at a super young age… and often time the older ones take much longer to come around to humans and domestic life. The sewer kittens were getting up there in age in regards to socialization… so we were thrilled to see Georgie act like he did!
Fast forward to now! He is enjoying life in his foster home with one of his siblings and an older cat. He is sweet, shy, affectionate, and playful!
Dogs: Georgie seems to not mind the presence of doggies and doesn’t act maliciously or overly scared of friendly and calm dogs. He does seem to be slightly more cautious than his bold sister is, but he is much more brave than his other siblings. He isn’t currently being fostered with dogs, so a little bit of extra patience will be needed for him to readjust to doggies
Cats: Yes! Georgie has been excellent with all cats! He keeps his distance and respects other cat’s space. He is also friendly, nice, and playful with new cats or kittens he meets. Georgie is currently being fostered with an adult male cat that absolutely loves to play and be with cat friends. He is also being fostered with his sibling, April. They love to nap together and would love to be adopted together if possible. Or maybe he can be adopted with his older foster brother, Lego! Regardless, Georgie will need a home with another cat!
Kids: Georgie is good with kiddos. Playful and loving! He is fairly easily startled, but that may change as he gets older. kiddos would be fine in her forever.
Litter habits: Litter trained, uses pine pellets
He's ever curious, exploring his surroundings and playing with his sibling April. Georgie can be a vocal little guy when he wants attention and he plays hard. So much so that he tends to fall asleep in very strange places... like his foster’s shoes, under a pillow, and even a crockpot (don't worry it was off)! If you want a kitten that is purrfectly kitten, Georgie is your guy. He will keep you entertained and on your toes. But is also willing to be held and loved on for a well-rounded kitten experience.
Adoption application: adoption_form/53713/generic

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