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Juno - Pit bull

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My loving foster Juno, what can I say about her? I think I will start with just how incredibly sweet she really is. When I say sweet here are a few examples:
She will wiggle her whole body from excitement when she sees you
She will melt into your arms and lay with you on the bed, couch, chair ...anywhere you are just to be close to you! And she will do it as long as you are there. When you get up, so will she.

Juno will follow you all over and just give you soulful eyes until you pet her, hopefully on the top of her head or her tummy. And this is after all this baby has been though, which unfortunately is quite a bit. I'd like to say she is a "G" or gangsta because not only was she shot with a .045 cab gun but she had that bullet in her body for over 40 days. Do we think that affected her personality? Not one bit! She just craves love 24/7

So what type of home does Juno need? A very understanding one. Someone who understands that she has all this love to give but will take a bit to feel comfortable enough to show her personality. She needs confidence from her person, someone who knows this is for life and they will always be there for her. The love she will return will be so worth it!

How is she in the house you ask? Pretty amazing!
She is absolute perfection in a kennel, but if you let her sleep on the bed with you she won't move.
When I am gone at work I leave her in my room with the kennel door open and water, she has had no problems at all
She knows to use the restroom outside and will hold it but she is afraid of the outdoors so she will go, you just have to walk out with her and encourage her.

How is she with other animals?
She loves little dogs...Loves them! Juno does well with big dogs but she is timid so calmer big dogs would be best for her.
Juno just ignores cats completely or if they run by her she will wag her tail. She has cuddled with cats in the house on the couch so if you have a cat that is ok with dogs she is perfect!

What about walking?
Juno is still recovering from her surgeries so as soon as she is recovered we will begin leash training. This is something she will need help with because anything around her neck seems to scare her. A harness will be her best option.

Juno would do best in a home with kids who are 10+ simply because she needs a home with calmness. She has been around two teenagers and does fantastic with them.

Juno is the epitome of resilience and I can promise that if you are lucky enough to call her your own, you will never know love like the one she can give you.

When our fosters agree to take in an animal, we give them everything they could ever need or want to care for that dog. From supplies, to training, to vet care, to whatever else...That is our promise to the families that promise to care for our dogs until their forever family comes along. Our fosters also get first choice in adopting the dog and final say on whether or not an applicant is fit to be the dog's forever. We asked Juno's foster mom what her vision of Juno's forever home would be...And here is what we got!

Juno's Perfect home (foster's perspective!):
For her the perfect home is one that understands she is still afraid of things like a broom every once in a while, really tall men, but once she gets to know them or if they sit down, she’s perfectly fine. The perfect home has a dog to play with and probably a cat. Her perfect home doesn’t need to be one with tons of exercise. She’s happy just to sit with you, but she does love to play with the dogs. Her perfect home needs lots of reassurance and positive reinforcement. She does not have to be crated when left I am, in fact, able to leave her with the crate open and let roam the house, and she does not make messes.
The perfect home needs to know that she still eats like every meal is her last, and she will forever look like she is beat up, because every scratch shows on her white little body.
She’s so dang special but will always I think have her little bits of trauma.

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