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Kingston - Pitbull Mix

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Kingston is a 3 or 4-year-old playful, cuddly boy who is ready to find his forever home!  Kingston has been in foster care since October 2022 and everyone is completely shocked that he hasn’t been snatched up by a loving family!  Kingston loves to play and he knows how to fetch perfectly – with funny little hops and twists on the way.  He loves smooshing up next to people, and sometimes dogs, to get extra loving moments.  He is active and loves going for walks and hikes, and he is continuing to grow with his comfort in public places.  By and large, Kingston is very easy especially when he has access to outside space – he uses the doggie door in his foster home perfectly.  He also is a calm rider in the car (he does not like sitting in the front seat though), and he likes being in his kennel while at home, even when the door isn’t closed.  Kingston accepts treats like a perfect gentleman and waits patiently in his “spot” for food.  Kingston takes a little bit of time to warm up to men but it doesn’t take long.  His favorite human to play with is the male human in his foster home, and he is really silly and goofy during those play sessions.  At about 40 pounds, Kingston is the perfect dog to have inside – and he doesn’t shed, which makes it so easy!

Dogs: Kingston does well with the other dogs in his foster home. He does have 1 stipulation that PKR can discuss with any potential adopters. In short, Kingston has a tendency to react negatively to what is happening outside his window and his male foster sibling, who has neuro issues, sometimes gets in the middle of it. Otherwise, him and both of his foster siblings love playing and interacting with one another. He walks with other dogs very well and he is very playful with dogs in public spaces, wrestling and running around in appropriate ways.  Kingston loves having other dogs in the home and he plays with the male and female dogs in very funny ways.

Cats: Kingston has not been tested with cats, but he is very alert to them while on walks.  He has a strong desire to approach cats, and it’s unclear if he would be friendly or not.

Kids: Kingston has not lived with children in his foster home, but he has been exposed to children down to age 3.  He is so excited to be with kids and, so far, has interacted with them very sweetly.  Because he can sometimes get excited, he might do best with children over age 4.

Kennel: Kingston was very obviously kennel trained by his first family, and he goes into the kennel with little coaxing.  He is patient and quiet while waiting to be let out but, unless there are other dogs in the home, there is no real need to kennel him.  He has never had any destructive behaviors in his foster home, outside of ripping apart some dog toys.

Potty trained: perfectly

Leash trained: 80%

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