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Mina - Pit bull terrier

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Albuquerque, Tijeras

‼️🐶ADOPT ME🐶‼️
Pitbull mix
2-3 years old
Spayed, fully vetted
Mina was saved from euthanasia in her final hours by an amazing foster human! Upon arrival, we tested Mina with her new fur sibs, & she did very well. Mina’s pictures at the shelter made her look quite large, but to our BIGGEST surprise… Mina is just a tiny gal and around 40lbs. Mina was dropped off at a high kill shelter by her humans while they were leaving town. She has clearly had at least one litter & who knows how many😔
Mina is a young and healthy pup with no known long term medical needs/expenses. Mina does have a funky front paw that causes her no obvious “discomfort” she doesn’t seem bothered by it majority of the time. Occasionally, we see Mina limp on certain surfaces (gravel). We aren’t entirely sure if this was a birth defect or a previous injury. As of right now, the vets do not think any medical attention needs to be done. This little quirk doesn’t affect her & half the time… you’d forget her paw even has a deformity. Here is what we know so far about Mina!
Dogs: Mina has met a huge variety of dogs, small & large, & has gotten along with everyone that she meets. She hasn’t shown a lot of desire to play with her doggy friends, but she appears quite neutral & tolerant with her new fur sibs. She hasn’t been pushy with her doggy siblings. She would definitely prefer to not be pushed too much upon meeting new dogs, but she almost played with a young and annoying Poohuahua during a sleepover before her spay! She would be fine in a home with other dogs and other dogs seem to help her realize the world isn’t scary. As of right now, we even think she would be fine as your sole doggy if that’s what you prefer!
Cats: She met a mean adult kitty and did great. She was friendly, calm, slightly forward with her greeting and got a big ole swat. From that point on, she respected the kittie’s space. She was then introduced to a 9 week old kitten and a 4 week old kitten. She gave some good sniffs and was concerned if/when there were any meows, kind of like a mama dog with her puppies. Mina is not currently being fostered with cats, but she cat tested well!
Kids: Mina loooooves humans! We have not been able to see her around young kiddos yet, but she hasn’t shown us any signs that she *wouldn’t* enjoy the presence of kiddos. Her foster human reports that she can occasionally get a smidge mouthy when she’s getting rowdy… but she’s still pretty new to her foster home. Her foster also reports the mouthiness isn’t out of control. She would likely enjoy having young humans to share the love with!!!!
Leash training: Mina is still pretty new to the rescue & we are still learning more about her leash skills! Mina is currently being fostered on a farm with lots of fenced in land to get exercise, so we will have to learn more about Mina & her leash skills in the city/suburbs.
Crate training: Mina sleeps throughout the night in her crate & does well overall.
Potty training: Mina appears mostly potty trained with just a few accidents so far. She is new to her foster home & is still getting a handle on the routine!
Mina is such a sweet, calm, & wise girl with so much love for her humans. Mina rode AMAZINGLY in her freedom ride to her foster home. Her foster describes her as medium-low energy right now & says she is a joy to have around. She has not been triggered by the doorbell or cars going by & is overall really chill. Mina appears to like toys, however can be cautious about letting that side of her shine. We suspect her playful side to come out once she is more settled 🥰 You will be so please by Mina’s charming little nature😍
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