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Moby (FIV+)
8 years old
Neutered male

Moby may look rough around the edges, but he has nothing but love to give. Being outdoors didn't agree with him, and he took the first chance to get inside where his scabs and scrapes have been healing. Moby loves nothing more than to lay on or near you and look longingly into your eyes with his cross eyed gaze. He has a weakspot for catnip and head scratches.

Playing isn't high on his list, but he does succumb to silliness once or twice a day, and you may receive a gentle love bite. Moby has a charming squeaky meow that he uses to ask for pets. He feels okay about dogs that don't come on too strong and because he has FIV, he needs a low stress lifestyle preferably as an only cat or with other FIV kitties that he can take his time getting to know. He is currently being fostered with a sassy kitten who he isn’t allowed to interact with due to him being FIV+. But when they do interact, he takes her hisses and meows like a gentleman. He lived amongst other outdoor kitty cats and with all that we have seen, we believe a home with other cats is totally possible for this guy, caveat being they need to also be FIV+!

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