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Pit bull mix - Ella

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Ella! We know... Ella is simply GORGEOUS!

Ella came to us after being at the shelter for a long time and then being adopted and returned within 24 hours. Resulting in her being euth listed. Our planned foster home for Ella fell through and we had to work quickly to figure something else out. You see, we thought Ella was "dog selective" so we were seeking an only pet home OR a dog savvy home. Luckily Ella just needed some time to decompress and now she is loving life with a whole bunch of doggy friends! This is soooo often the case with dogs that experience shelter and transitional stress. She has done amazing with dogs and cats in her foster home so far. She is a people L.O.V.E.R. All Ella wants to do is cuddle and kiss humans. Ella doesn't know any strangers, in fact! She would befriend any human you put in front of her. She is a 1.5 year old pitbull and only 35lbs!

Kennel Info: Ella is doing great in her kennel. At first, she whined a little...but thats to be expected for a dog that loves humans and is new to a home! Now that she is used to the kenneling routine, she is a rockstar!

Dogs: Ella does very well with the other dogs in her foster home. Her foster family has several dogs and neighbor dogs of all shapes, sizes, and ages. Ella loves to play with her doggy friends.

Ella rides really great in a car as well! She would love to be someones next adventure buddy.

Cats: Ella has several kitty foster siblings. She would really really love if the kitties would play with her...but alas. They have 0 interest in doing so! Thats okay though...some hisses and swats are enough for sweet Ella to go and find a toy for herself to play with! Even if that means playing by herself, she knows how to entertain herself by throwing toys up in the air.

Kids: Ella LOVES kids. She is very gentle with kids and even takes treats from them with the softest mouth. One time she met a kid that was bouncing off the walls and jumping on her...everything that a kid shouldn't do to a dog. Lucky for us, Ella reacted wonderfully and either ignored the kid...or joined in on the excitement! (lol) She will passionately kiss any kiddo that lets her ❤

Potty trained: Yes!

Leash trained: Yes! Although like most dogs, Ella could use continued support from her adopter to make sure she remains good on her leash!

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