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‼️🐶ADOPT ME🐶‼️
Staffy/pit mix
1 year old
Spayed, fully vetted
Bebe was saved from the shelter because we had an open foster home! Bebe came into the shelter after being hit by a car, and the shelter soon discovered BB gun pellets in her body (hence her name, Bebe! Plus… she’s a wittle bebe🥹👶🏼). The shelter managed to clean up her wounds and get her healthy enough for adoption! Bebe sat in her kennel, waiting for someone to pick her. Bebe is very shy and scared so she was continuously overlooked. Bebe is a short and stout girl at around 40-50lbs… emphasis on short!!! Her weight is definitely all in that head and muscles 😉.
Bebe is a young and healthy girl with no known long term health conditions detrimental to her life. One thing to note is that the shelter noted a grade 2 heart murmur upon intake and her most recent vet visit confirmed this. A grade 2 is a low grade heart murmur and isn’t typically a cause for concern. It is unclear as to whether this was birth/genetic or if it’s from her recent trauma. Bebe’s heart is normal in size per the vet after getting her chest x-rayed. “Some heart murmurs can go away over time, including innocent heart murmurs. However, some murmurs can last a lifetime without causing serious health problems. Grade 2 murmurs are still relatively quiet and localized. They can typically be heard on one side of the chest but may not necessarily indicate a severe underlying issue.”
Dogs: Bebe has met a variety of dogs, small & large, & has gotten along with everyone that shes met. She hasn’t shown a lot of desire to play with her doggy friends, just yet…but she is generally pretty shy and submissive upon meeting dog friends. She is currently being fostered with a small female chihuahua. Bebe does seem to want to meet new dog friends on walks, though we try to tell her she can’t🤣 She would be fine in a home with other dogs. As of right now, we even think she would be fine as your sole doggy if that’s what you prefer! Bebe is continuing to BURST out of her shell rather quickly in foster care, and we will have more info on her doggy play style soon!
Cats: Bebe is not currently being fostered with cats, however she has been introduced to an adult and 2 kittens. She spent a night in a home with cats and overall did well meeting them. She generally respected their space. She was a bit more confused on how to act around the 4 week old kitten that resembles a tiny mouse. Since Bebe is continuing to blossom and gain confidence, we will retest her with kitties to see if confidence has changed her feelings about felines! Her first cat test went well and gives us reason to believe a home with cats would be possible. Check back/reach out for an update on her cat sociability!
Kids: Bebe loooooves humans! We saw her around a 6 year old boy and she went straight for kisses. Bebe can be hand-shy so kiddos that understand how to give her just a smidge bit of space at first may be best. But as she continues to gain confidence, her hand-shy-ness may go away. All we know right now… is that she absolutely INSTANTLY ADORED the 6 year old! she is currently fostered with two teens!
Leash training: Bebe is still pretty new to the rescue & we are still learning more about her leash skills! She really wants to interact with humans and other dogs while on leash. However there are times and places which she can get scared and proceeds to pancake on the ground
Crate training: Bebe sleeps throughout the night in her crate & does well overall. In fact… BEBE LOVES LOVES LOVES HER CRATE!!!!
Potty training: Bebe appears potty trained and has had little to no accidents so far.
Bebe is such a sweet, loving, & shy girl with so much love for her humans. She loves to give kisses, even when they aren’t wanted🤣 she is a toy hoarder and loves to carry things in her mouth. If Bebe could have a pile of toys as her thrown, that would be perfect! Bebe still has some BBs stuck in her body, which will live in her forever… they will not affect her health and there is no need to remove them at this point or in the future. Bebe has been through a lot… and despite all of what she has been through, she has a zest for life and a love for humans! Bebe deserves an amazing family and we can’t wait to find that for her. Is that you???
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