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Katara - Husky/pitbull puppy

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Albuquerque, Sandia Park

‼️🐶ADOPT ME🐶‼️

Husky mix (pitty? Dane? Husky? Catahoula?)
12 weeks old (approx DOB: 2/29/24)
Will be fully vetted prior to official adoption

Katara is aptly named, because of the little splash of *water* in her eye :). Katara was being given away for $50 and her owner said “Why would I spay her? Her future owner may want to have puppies with her”. We immediately sprung into action and got her into our rescue! Upon arrival, her owners let her out of the car, dropped her stuff and drove away. Not even a heartfelt goodbye for this sweet puppy. She submissive/scared peed all over the volunteer that picked her up… poor girl! She was brought to our directors house and opened up immediately when we brought the other dogs out. Here’s a little bit about Katara from what we know!

Dogs: Katara has met a huge variety of dogs, small and large, and has gotten along with every dog! She can get a smidge overwhelmed at first with HUGE dogs… but will quickly warm up and show her fiesty play style🤩 she is currently being fostered with several large breed male dogs. So far she has shown a more submissive personality… but full puppy when it comes to playing!

Cats: Katara is not currently being fostered with cats, but due to her age and temperment… a home with cats should be fine!

Kids: katara is currently being fostered with a tiny tiny human. As a puppy, she will need continued guidance on politely interacting with kiddos so that she is her best self when she is a big adult dog!

Leash training: Katara is just a baby and still working on leash skills. She will need continued guidance into her adult life!

Potty training: Katara is working on potty training! As with any puppy, routine is essential. She will need continued guidance, but will catch on super quick!

Her foster humans have nothing but good things to say about this beautiful girl! She already knows “sit” and is very smart and treat motivated. We would love to see Katara go into a home with other dogs to help her maintain her social skills.

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