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Mable - Pit bull

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4-7 years old (explanation in bio)
Spayed Female, Vax UTD

Miss Mable is a resilient rescue pup with a heart of gold. Mable was rescued by an extremely generous person when she was possibly euth listed due to being in a rural overcrowded shelter. These pitties can’t ever catch a break… but with Mable’s previous medical state, she was surely going to be euthanized. WE ARE SO THANKFUL for her current foster mom for saving her and then reaching out to us so that we can help Mable find her forever home!

As you may be able to tell from the pictures, Mable is blind, or at least… mostly blind! But Mable doesn't need her sight to enjoy life, she is simply a happy soul that appreciates the little things. Cuddling on the couch, rolling in the grass, enjoying a good Bully stick or squeaky toy - these are some of her favorite things.

Dogs: Mable currently lives with another female pitty that she gets along with. Her foster human says that Mable does wonderfully with other dogs. She has met several (both on and off leash) and has lived in a home with another dog without any problems. Sometimes she will bark when meeting a new dog out of excitement! (Stay tuned for her “official” dog testing that will happen on 11/29 at 6pm. We will update this bio with any additional notes)

Humans: Mable adores humans!! Despite clear signs of neglect and not being able to see well, Mable does not seem to resent humans in any manner🥰

Kid friendly: We have not see Mable around many kids. It is often recommended for blind dogs to not be housed with kids, but this isn’t a hard stop. We would love for Mable to meet any kiddos in the home. She hasn’t given us reasons to believe a home with kids is out of the question… Being blind can just sometimes create hurdles for dogs/kids. (Kid suprising dog, kid running into dog, kid screaming and scaring the dog, etc). We have seen Mable around an 8 year old and 10 year old girls, which she did great with both of them! (So much so that the kids wanted to adopt her… parents said no… cmon parents!!!🤣)

Cats: We have not seen Mable with cats yet. (Stay tuned for her “official” cat testing that will happen on 11/29 at 6pm. We will update this bio with any additional notes)

Potty trained: yes! Her foster says Mable hasn’t even had ONE accident since bringing her home. Which… even super healthy dogs with full vision have accidents when they are adjusting! Sooo… did we mention the fact that her visual impairment doesn’t stop her from being amazing?😋🤗

Mable’s future adopter doesn’t need to have experience with blind dogs, but of course that would be a plus. She would be great for any family that can just love her, the rest will come easy. Mable is aged in a 4-7 range because we simply don’t know how old she is. She was in pretty rough condition at first, so much so that she appeared and seemed on the older side. But now that she has grown comfortable in her foster home and has received some much needed and AMAZING vet care… Mable seems as though she could be much younger than 7. Regardless, she is a middle aged adorable pup that has many good years ahead of her!!! It’s so sad to think of how she was thought to be an older dog… I mean that tells you how rough she was😞 but we are sooooo excited for this happy and healthier Mable and we are EAGER to find her some forever humans!!!

Although Mable arrived to us in a neglected state, she has not let her past experiences dull her personality one bit. She deserves a warm home with a family who loves and cares for her - something I don't believe she has had in the past.

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