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Rooben - Pit bull Mix

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‼️🐶ADOPT ME🐶‼️

1 year old
Neutered male, fully vetted

Rooben! Where do we even begin? Well first things first. This guy is aptly named for being a kangaROOOO. The whole nine yards, he is hoppy, punchy, probably from australia, who really knows!

After experimenting with several names, Rooben seemed to have "chosen" the name Rooben, with the help of his foster mama...who is convinced hes half pit bull, half kangaroo. He is a tall and lean pup at just about 1 year old. This handsome and intelligent dog was a parvo survivor back in March of 2023. He was adopted...and then came up as a stray at the same small shelter he was adopted from. "His humans" never came back for him. But that just means those were not his humans and the shelter entrusted us to find him his real future humans!

The shelter staff loved Rooben and knew they needed to work fast in finding him a place out of the shelter. Rooben is about 1 year old and is a pit bull mix, on the taller side! Rooben is being fostered with a senior female dog that is about his size. She usually takes some time to warm up to some dogs...but we think she saw how special Rooben is too. They were already playing with one another on day 2! Rooben is quick to catch on and you can always see his brain working. He knows that his puppy energy isnt always fun for his senior foster sibling, so he does his very best to reign in his energy. He has been taking direction from the human and the other dog wonderfully. He has struggled to take direction from a tiny little chihuahua, so we would recommend Rooben to go to a home with dogs larger than 20lbs. But we do think that with direction, time, and a dedicated owner, he could live with a dog less than 20lbs. He isnt showing aggression, just has a harder time knowing how to be gentle with such a tiny dog that doesnt want to play with him.

Kennel Info: Rooben went into his temp foster home and did fine in his kennel. He would definitely prefer to be out of it as much as possible, but he is willing to learn!

Dogs: Rooben does very well with the other dogs in his foster home. He has been introduced to many dogs and he adapts well to many play styles and vibes. If the dog doesnt want to play, he will likely insist a bit on playing...he is a young guy with a bouncy personality. But he is extremely eager to please and will learn with time and direction. Upon meeting his foster sister, he was able to coexist in the yard without being pushy to play - which is very awesome to see from a young guy like him!

Rooben rides really well in the car, just relaxing and chilling in whatever seat you put him in.

Cats: The shelter told us that he takes a little too much interest in cats. We are likely going to say no kitty cats for this guy, but if you are IN LOVE with Rooben and want to see how he does with your cats...we can make that happen.

Kids: Rooben likes kids. With his size and age, we would recommend older kiddos. Or else we would want to make sure the parents are firm leaders that will establish boundaries and keep up on improving Rooben's manners towards small humans. He doesn't mean any harm!

Rooben would be an excellent addition to a home that wants another dog. Rooben would thrive with some doggy playmates and an active household. He has a lot of energy, so walks or runs will be essential for his mental wellbeing. A family that will keep up on his exercise needs will be most ideal. He would love another dog to romp around with, some humans to play some rigorous games of fetch with, or maybe a jogging buddy. Is your New Year's resolution to stay fit? Well what is better than adopting a pup that will encourage exercise and happily join you? Nothing. Nothing is better 😉 Adopt Rooben!

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