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Arlo - Pit bull

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3 years old
Neutered male

Arlo is newer to our rescue so please check back as we learn more about him! And as he settles in and shows us who he is!!!

So far we know Arlo is a true velcro dog. At 80lbs, this guy would love a human that could love him as hard as he loves his humans. Arlo can be initially shy or disconnected towards humans in public settings, but get him when he’s in a place he knows… oh gosh. He will follow you everywhere and stare into your soul for attention! He recently said bye to shelter life… after over 3 months of being locked in a stressful shelter environment on the west side, a place where adopters don’t often venture. so everything is quite new and different for this guy. So we wonder if his initial shyness will go away with time, because this guy is all about humans. His shyness isn’t anything major… He just isn’t wiggling his butt like crazy or jumping on humans for love, which… most people see as a positive 🙂 Our volunteers went to evaluate him and some other dogs since we had an open foster home… and Arlo made us instantly fall in love. We went back the next day to take him on a doggy day out so that he could meet his potential foster home to see if it would be a good fit. Arlo seemed to get along with the Foster’s small breed dog but we weren’t able to make the transfer official until a few days after. Our volunteer couldn’t stand the thought of him going back to the shelter so they temp fostered him through AWD! Now Arlo is officially a PKR dog. While in his temp foster home, Arlo interacted with several female (spayed) dogs his size and a small breed male (neutered) dog, and a male (intact) puppy. Arlo did great!

Dogs: So far Arlo has been getting along with his foster family's dog and did well with his temp Foster’s dogs. Arlo also attended a training class where he met dogs of all shapes, sizes, breeds, and behaviors. Arlo was very polite to 99% of the dogs at training during the off leash play session. Caveat being, Arlo did not seem to enjoy the presence of a single LARGE intact male Great Dane… that being said, Arlo was also intact at this time and it’s not uncommon for intact dogs to have issues with one another. Arlo didn’t mind the other intact dogs, but due to the Dane being much larger than Arlo + being intact, we think this caused some discomfort for Arlo. We will update this bio when Arlo is neutered and has more time to decompress from shelter life. What we DO know is that Arlo presents as the type of dog that will NEED a doggy sibling(s) in his forever home. Arlo is comforted by the presence of other dogs and due to some separation anxiety, he does better when he is kenneled near doggy friends. He enjoys playing with the dogs he’s met so far, but he is also equally able and willing to simply coexist with doggy friends. He is currently being fostered with a small breed female chihuahua. Arlo is non reactive on leash, so far and will typically meet another dog on leash well. He does sometimes try to pull towards other dogs he sees on walks, but a quick correction gets him refocused.

Cats: We aren't sure about Arlo and cats. We don't recommend Arlo to be around cats, based off of his few interactions with cats so far.

Kids: Arlo likes the kiddos he has met so far. Arlo is obsessed with humans that even look at him, but he can be shy! He reacted well to a kiddo that got SUPER excited to pet him, and the kiddo ran up on him and quickly pet him. That being said, we always encourage slow interactions when possible, with treats! We think Arlo would love some kiddos in his family to give him alllllll the snugs! He is gentle about taking treats 90% of the time but has gotten too excited for treatos a few times. So far, this excitement is still pretty gentle compared to many dogs, but he’s got a big pibble mouth, which is always something to be aware of when a tiny hand has something yummy in it! But he is overall your typical gentle giant🫶🏻

Kennel: So far Arlo has demonstrated quite a bit of discontent for kenneling. But has shown immense improvement in his foster home with being left alone!

Potty trained: Yes!

Leash trained: Arlo does really well on leash. He isn’t much of a puller and doesn’t seem overly triggered by squirrels, birds, lizards, etc so far. As mentioned, he will sometimes pull towards another dog across the street, or insist on interacting with dogs that are a few feet from him (like… being at the farmers market). But Arlo is very sensitive and eager to please so he just needs a single and quick correction and guidance in these instances. He doesn’t bark at the other dogs, he just pulls a tiny bit out of a desire to go say hi. His temp foster carries treats on walks and will distract him with a treat in an effort to perfect is already almost perfect walking skills!

What is Arlo’s background?
Arlo was found as a stray in ABQ so we don’t know much about his past. He spent a few months in the shelter without any adoption or foster interest. Being a big ole pibble, we knew he would do much better in a foster home! Arlo seems to have been loved by someone, once upon a time. His love and loyalty towards humans is unwavering. He is also VERY obedient and quickly picked up on waiting to enter doors or exit his kennel until his handler says “release”. He even came to us already knowing “sit” and “shake”. We think Arlo would be an amazing prospect as a service dog. He is incredibly smart and in tune with human emotions. Arlo would absolutely love to commit his life to completing tasks to help his humans. Being that he could be a service dog candidate, this would likely make his separation anxiety less of a concern since he can be taken anywhere with his human. That being said, just because he exhibits separation anxiety, does NOT mean he can’t be adopted out into a home with someone who works 8 hours a day or whatnot. Arlo is a good daycare candidate but we are also able to keep him kenneled inside a sturdy crate. We encourage you to not let his separation anxiety stop you from adding Arlo to your home. Our rescue has the tools, skills, and knowledge to help you be a great doggy parent to Arlo even if you work a regular 9-5 job!

We are sooooo far in love with Arlo… and we think you’d understand why if you met him! His sweet pibble face is so squishy and he deserves the most loving home. Apply to meet Arlo!

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