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What would it mean to become a PKR volunteer?

Our rescue was built with various goals in mind. Our rescue's president, Holly, has worked and volunteered for various shelter and rescue organizations in the past. Holly moved to New Mexico in June of 2022 and continued to foster and volunteer for the rescue that she had been prior to her move. This meant she was volunteering for a rescue that was a 12 hour drive. She did their social media, arranged transports, helped moral, and essentially did a lot of "administrative work. Holly believes that anyone can help, regardless of their situation, IF they set their mind to it.


One goal of PKR was to create a conducive environment associated with a drama free zone. In animal rescue, a lot of emotions are constantly playing into how decisions are made. When emotions are involved, drama is sure to follow. That being said, our rescue operates strictly on a "It's about the animal" mindset. If drama between humans begins to stir up, we encourage our board members or volunteers to take a step back and ask themselves if they are acting in a way that benefits the dog or cat. PKR wants to create a family like environment for our volunteers, board members, fosters, adopters, and followers. We are completely transparent 24/7 and we strive to connect on a personal level with everyone that welcomes a connection. We want volunteering, fostering, and saving animals to be as enjoyable as possible. Rescuers have a hard job, an unpaid one too, so we want to make sure we keep our eyes on the prize. The prize being saving all the animals we possibly can.


 We are a volunteer-run organization. We do not currently have a physical shelter although the goal is to eventually obtain one once our organization grows and gets the funding for such. We rely on foster homes to keep the dogs until they are adopted but not all of our volunteers are able to foster. We welcome other areas of interest such as hosting events, helping at adoptions events, assisting with transports, graphic design and web, photography, or spending time with pets in boarding. We welcome ALL skillsets and we WANT passionate individuals. If you think you can bring something to the table... Bring. it. on. We will virtually never say no to whatever help you can provide!

Kennel Team

We may board several of dogs or cats at various boarding facilities if the situation is dire. This can be due to an immediate euthanasia deadline for an animal we believe we can help or if a foster is going out of town and needs a pet sitting option, etc. Kennel volunteers usually take dogs for walks, runs, or just spend quality time with them. Our volunteers are not required to clean kennels, as this will be a task done by the paid boarding facility staff. Visits are flexible so you can work them around your schedule. If you would like to join the kennel team, please fill out the volunteer sign up form below!

Other ways to get involved (included, but not limited to!!!)

In Person/Virtual Volunteering
Foster home mentoring
Training dogs/cats
Board member

Home checks
Adoption Events

In Person Volunteering
Temp fostering

Walking dogs

Virtual Volunteering
Reviewing Applications
Social Media


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