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Flower - Pitbull Mix

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3 year old pitbull mix
Spayed Female

Can live with dogs or cats. Kid friendly, but shy. Loves humans! Kennel trained and potty trained

Hi my name is Flower. I was rescued from a hoarding situation in August of 2022 in Missouri. I am currently being fostered in ABQ NM! I am still gaining courage to face the world with curiosity to explore more daily. I was adopted in February of 2023, only to be returned in July of 2023. I was originally part of a different rescue, but my foster mom started her own rescue so now I will be advertised by two rescues! Pitties and Kitties Rescue of New Mexico and Mid-America Bully Breed Rescue. How does that work? Well… it’s pretty cool. It means that you can basically live anywhere in the world and still adopt me. These two rescues will work together to get me wherever my perfect forever home may be! I can be slower to warm up so calmer introductions are appreciated. I love to show humans my “toys” and when I was living on the hoarding property, I loved to bring the humans pieces of trash and show them how much fun it could be. I know that might sound sad, but honestly it is a testament to my personality. I find the beauty in the little things and can bring joy to life even if there is little joy! Now that I’m living in a home, I have an adorable toy related quirk… that being… WHENEVER the humans are letting me outside to potty, I NEVER hesitate to grab a toy and bring it outside with me. The funny part is that I don’t even want to play with it in that moment… so my foster mom calls it my “emotional support toy” or my “binky”. My foster mom will have to show you sometime!

I have all the love to offer with the gentlest kisses and velvet soft fur to pet. I am sooooo gentle and take treats with such care. Even from small kiddos. I would love getting all the pets, hugs, and kisses! Can I come learn life and play with you? I would thrive in a forever home where there is another dog to help me learn how to be a dog. I spent my whole life living outside with 60+ dogs but I am definitely growing accustomed to this indoor life. I am honestly a bit of a couch potato and you’ll often find me positioned in your typical pitty-seal fashion on the couch. I am submissive and shy so I would be great with many different dog siblings and even cat siblings. I currently live with dogs of all shapes and sizes and genders and I am great with them. I completely ignore my kitty foster sibling. My favorite foster sibling is the tiny puppy… because he uses me as his mama. I groom him, play with him, correct him, and am just so great with him!

I’m also really great on leash!

I used to struggle in my kennel, but since being in a home for over 6 months… I have improved so much! A lot of my hoarding siblings require a sturdy crate or a plastic crate, but I have proven to be fine in a normal wire crate. I know the command “go home” to go inside of my crate for dinner and for when the humans leave the house.

I may not show you how silly and adorable I am on our first meet… but if you give me just a second to get used to you… I promise I will show you the silliest and most intense love you could ever ask for!

MABBR DNA tested my parents, so we have a fairly good idea in my breed mix. I am mostly pitbull and boxer… with some Great Dane, staffy, and some of my family had some beagle in their DNA not sure if I got any of the beagle though…

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