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Hambone - Pit bull terrier

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‼️🐶ADOPT ME🐶‼️
2 years old
Neutered, fully vetted

Hambone is aptly named, because he is just that - a HAM for attention. He also responds to: Hammy, Hammy wammy, ham, bone gawd, bone man, Hamilton…. Just to name a few! He puts the velcro in velcro dog and loves his people. He spends his free time playing with his doggo friends and modeling for the camera. Like are you kidding me? This guy is so handsome. Hambone loves running around outside and playing and while he gets very excited, he calms down easily once inside and is ready to take a snooze and have a cuddle. He loves to burrow underneath blankets and make sure his bed is made to his satisfaction. His foster humans often say: “where’s hammy bo wammy?” And his head will pop out from the blankets.

Dogs: Hambone has met a huge variety of dogs, small and large, and has gotten along with most dogs that he meets. His favorite play partner so far has been a very loveable 20lb poohuahua, because this friend loves to play as much as Hambone does. Hambone might overwhelm other dogs with his rambunctious nature, but with proper intros and guidance from his humans, he can get along with calmer dogs as well.

Cats: Hambone has met two kitties so far, and while he does well while the kitties are nearby and leaves a very loose leash, he is still learning that kitties do not like to be chased when they run away. With diligence and time, he could learn coexist very nicely with cat friends, but as of this moment, we are saying "no kitties" for Mr. Ham Ham.

Kids: Hambone loooooves kids! He can sense their playful nature and shows them how excited he is to play with them by running around with them and playing chase. Due to Hambone's size and enthusiasm, he would be best suited for homes with older kids (10+) or adults only. But he finds his furever in a home with kids - that's all gravy! The more friends to play with, the better.

Leash training: Mr Hambone pulls slightly on a leash, but he hangs around his hoomans nicely once they pause and give them a nice loose leash.

Hambone was returned a few weeks ago after being on a trial adoption straight out of the shelter. We held off on making Hambone available for adoption after his return to make sure Hambone was decompressed enough to easily transition into another home! His foster humans have nothing but good things to say about this quirky dolphin boy, and we feel as though he is ready for his forever humans to scoop him up🥰

Our Hambone is such a love and enjoys every moment of life to its fullest, and he will show you how much he loves you and how much life their is to live. Adopt Hambone!

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