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Boxer Mix - Hank

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Hank! Buckle up! Hank is such an amazing young pup that would make anyone lucky to have as their own.

Where did he get this name? His name was Comet at the shelter, and upon entering his temporary foster home...the family felt Comet did not fit him. So after experimenting with several names, Hank seemed to have "chosen" the name Hank. He is much taller than our volunteers had anticipated him being, after being sent pictures of him from the shelter. This big baby was absolutely petrified in his kennel and started to show signs of severe kennel anxiety. He was barking, pacing, unable to settle...and even started developing "happy tail". This condition happens when a dog is in confinement for long periods of time and their tail repeatedly slaps against the wall...creating a wound that is very hard to keep wrapped and heal.

Hank was found as a stray and ended up at a shelter where shy dogs aren't always given a chance to blossom. The shelter staff loved Hank and knew they needed to work fast in finding him a place out of the shelter. Hank is a 9month old boxer/mastiff/pitbull mix and he has legs for dayz! We set his foster home up with a plastic kennel in anticipation that he might have some kennel anxiety based on his shelter notes...low and behold! Hank kennels perfectly! His temp foster had a tiny half blind chihuahua girl boss that told Hank what to do and when. Hank listened to his little girl boss sibling wonderfully. Hank then made his way to his official foster home where there is a 6 year old tiny grumpy male chihuahua and a large mixed breed 10 year old female.

Kennel Info: Hank went into a temp foster home and did wonderful in his kennel. Now in his official foster home, he is using a regular wire crate and is doing great too! He is fed in his crate, and oh boy! This skinny guy lovesssss food. He is eating out of slow feeders for now because he just wants to eat eat and eat.

Hank, despite being 50lbs and as tall as a mastiff, thinks that he is a lap dog. He will not hesitate to cuddle up with anyone and everyone, right on their lap. He is the cuddle KING!

Dogs: Hank does very well with the other dogs in his foster home. He has been introduced to many dogs and he adapts so well to many play styles and vibes. If the dog doesnt want to play, he MIGHT insist once or twice in a very polite way...but once he receives a firm no from the person or the other dog, Hank minds his business. With SUPER playful dogs, Hank does a little mystery dance where he is trying to find out how the other dog plays. He will then try to mimic and adjust to whatever that play style is! Hank is kind of that perfect mix of "could be high energy" if YOU want him to be, or could be low energy if you want him to be. He does seem to enjoy the presence of other dogs and we believe a home with another doggy sibling would be lovely for him. Although not required since he loves humans equally.

Hank rides really well in the car, just relaxing and chilling in whatever seat you put him in.

Cats: Hank has met some kittens and an adult kitty. He paid no mind to the adult kitty and listened to the corrections pretty well. Upon meeting the kittens, he was excellent at first, but became over stimulated at the hisses and swats and more or less turned it into a game. While we think it is possible for Hank to live with a kitty sibling, we think it would be "easiest" to say no cats for Hank. Unless there is an adopter that is willing and ready to properly integrate Hank with their kitty. He just needs direction on how to properly and politely interact. He is 9 months old and is still impressionable. If a home had a dog savvy and friendly cat, that would be preferred as he has been introduced to some non dog savvy kittens and then a non dog friendly adult kitty.

Kids: Hank LOVES kids. He is very gentle with kids and even takes treats from them with the softest mouth. This big goofy boy would be fine living with children! As with any breed or size of dog, it is important to supervise Hank around super young children as he might get carried away since he is still a (LARGE!!) puppy.

Leash trained: Hank has been really great on leash and would benefit from a strong leader that will continue to guide him in this direction!

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