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Herc - XL Bully or American Bulldog

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❗️🐶ADOPT ME🐶❗️


4 years old
Neutered male
XL Bully or American Bulldog (our guess, based on size and temperment)

So far we know Herc is a true velcro dog. At 80lbs, this guy would love a human that could love him as hard as he loves his humans. Herc doesn’t know the concept of a stranger, he loves everyone and wants everyone to love him. He will follow you everywhere and stare into your soul for attention! After 3 months of being locked in a stressful shelter environment, we were able to secure a foster home to save him from an unfortunate fate at the shelter. He is soaking up every single second of being in a foster home. Herc is currently fostered with a 5lb female chiweenie and some kiddos. Herc has been doing wonderfully in this home so far and his Fosters would love to find him a home ASAP! Why? Because Herc loves his humans HARD. He bonds QUICKLY and DEEPLY! Since his foster home isn’t his forever home… we would love to see him bond with his future forever people🥰

Herc is actively undergoing service dog training. If Herc is adopted prior to becoming a fully trained service dog, our rescue will still continue to fund his training IF that is what his future family wants. In the meantime, Herc is working on perfecting his basic skills and more advanced skills.

Dogs: So far Herc has been getting along with his foster family's dog, which is a tiny and bossy and mostly blind chiweenie. Herc also did well with his temp Foster’s dogs. Herc has been introduced to a variety of pups and has done quite well. We haven’t seen Herc around male dogs of his size or larger, but we have seen him around males smaller than him. He also did well with a stressed out mommy dog who gave Herc a silent and stern correction for Herc coming in hot and heavy to meet her. He was offended, but did not get angry🤣 while he does do well with other dogs, Herc could more or less care less about them. Humans are his absolute EVERYTHING! His foster sister tried to initiate play with him one time… but quickly regretted it when she realized he is 10x her size 🤣 he was indifferent about her change of heart and went on his merry way lll. But we think Herc could benefit from a doggy sibling or two to show him how to be a dog🥰 Herc has been non reactive on leash, so far and will typically meet other dogs on leash well. He is overall neutral towards other dogs, on and off leash

Cats: (*NEWLY DISCOVERED INFO*) When we first evaluated Herc for intake, we deemed him as a “maybe” with cats. He wasn’t great, he wasn’t bad. Needed further testing. Herc had a lot going on when he first came out of the shelter and he was very stressed. He temporarily stayed in a foster home with several dogs and a cat… and we basically deemed him as a “no cats” dog. On 4/20/24, we re-cat tested Herc and we think Herc can live with cats in the future! We would love for Herc to meet any potential feline friends if his possible future home has them! Our rescue will assist his future adopters with proper acclimation to make sure it’s a good and safe match! Check out the videos in the comments to see Herc’s interactions with cats.

Kids: Herc LOVES LOVES the kiddos he has met so far. Honestly… Herc loves literally any and all humans. Keep in mind… he does think that he is a lap dog. And at his size? Smaller children may get smooshed🤣 But as long as the adult humans and kiddos have experience with larger dogs, Herc would love a home with kiddos to love on him!!! Herc is ever so gentle with children when taking treats and he does his very best to remain calm. From what we have witnessed, he approaches calmly and lovingly and he leaves them alone if they aren’t interested in him. But he would much prefer to love on them… he’s just a respectful gentleman!

Kennel: (*NEWLY DISCOVERED INFO*) Herc was initially very hard to kennel and leave alone when he was fresh out of the shelter. He was injured (happy tail) and anxious about being left alone. After a few weeks of being shown his humans WILL come back and once his tail injury/surgery healed… Herc now just hops right into his kennel when he is asked to. He also isn’t nearly as bothered by being left alone anymore. Would Herc love a human he could be glued to? Mmm. Yeah. Probably. But he has come so far from the anxious dog he was at first🫶🏻 Herc will be adopted out with a special kennel, free of charge to his adopters. We are not sure if he still needs his special kennel or not… but he has come to really like his kennel so we don’t see a need to change that up on him! Herc has spent up to 8 hours in his kennel.

Potty trained: Yes

Leash trained: Herc does pretty well on leash. He tends to pull a lot at first, but settles into the walk after a while. He is currently being walked using a head halter style leash and he does well with it. He will sometimes make small attempts to take his halter off at the beginning of walks. We expect his walking skills to continue to improve with his service dog training.

What is Herc’s background?
While you can tell Herc was likely previously ADORED by humans and a family… it’s unclear as to why he ended up in the shelter. He came in as a stray and his humans never came for him. We don’t know why. He spent a few months in the shelter without any adoption or foster interest. Being a big ole bully, we knew he would do much better in a foster home! Herc seems to have been loved by someone, once upon a time. His love and loyalty towards humans is unwavering. He is absolutely a big ole derpy derpy dummy. We say that with love. Herc is smart… but he is also stubborn and derpy!! We think Herc would be an amazing prospect as a service dog. He is incredibly attached to humans and would make an amazing pup to humans who needs his support.

We are sooooo far in love with Herc… and we think you’d understand why if you met him! People are so obsessed with him wherever he goes, we don’t understand why it’s taking so long for his forever humans to find him! His sweet bully face is so squishy and he deserves the most loving home. Apply to meet Herc! Be prepared to be SAT on🤣

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