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Hershey - Pit bull x Doberman

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Meet our newest puppy addition, Hershey! We think she’s a dobie x pitbull (maybe vizla?) and she is about 6 weeks old! She is aptly named due to her overwhelming desire to KISS. Kiss kiss kiss. Kisses galore. She kisses the air, your arm, your leg, the car, anything!🤣 thankful for her foster human for stepping up for this sweet girl. The shelter is no place for any dog, but especially a young impressionable singleton puppy! Foster homes provide love and socialization that is harder to provide in a shelter environment. Hershey will be available for adoption once she is 8 weeks old. If she finds an adopter prior to her spay appointment, it will be considered a foster to adopt until she is spayed and fully vaccinated.

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