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1 year old

Female domestic shorthair

Sassy, talkative, loving, and curious. This stunning kitty is ready for her forever home! All of her 6 babies have moved on and Muffins is searching for her forever home. The first thing anyone says when seeing her is: oh my gosh she's so TINY! This kitty really is one of the smallest adult kitties ever! She was found by a Good Samaritan and raised her babies in foster care. In her foster homes she has been around cats and dogs of all ages and sizes and seems to prefer the company of other cats vs dogs. She is easily overwhelmed with large breed dogs and would need extra patience if you have any size dog in your home. She has somehow been able to coexist in her current foster home with the resident cat a cat who hates all other animals!!! There has yet to be any fighting, but the two cats mostly leave each other alone. We think that if given time and with a cat friendly cat, she could become an awesome kitty sidekick. She is absolutely a lover to people and is soooo excited when her foster mom comes into her room. She will squak at you for pets and lean into you and roll over onto her belly. Muffins just wants some lovins!

We don't know anything about her past as she was a stray, she can be skittish in new environments, but she also has not had a whole lot of stability since she was (lovingly and rightfully) snatched off the streets and placed into a home. She has adjusted to house life perfectly, almost as if she had a home once upon a time. She has 0 issues with the litter box or type of litter (we have gotten her used to various litter box and litter types!). She is just a perfect little kitty!

What we do know about Muffins is that someone is going to be VERY lucky to adopt this stunning girl. We will be so excited to see her truly blossom in a home, as she has come so far from her street cat days. She is a special kitty, and as to be expected, her forever person will be the one that will get to experience her being amazing on the daily

Muffins is longing for that final destination, a place to call home. Could that be you?

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