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Olver - Pit bull mix

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Albuquerque/Rio Rancho

‼️🐶ADOPT ME🐶‼️

Pitbull Mix
2 years old
Neutered, fully vetted

Olver is sweet, handsome, and mysterious. When we say mysterious… we actually mean shy, which is 10000% part of his charming nature. Olver had been at the shelter since August of 2023. Just waiting for an adoptive family to scoop him up. Olver was very shut down in his kennel due to his shyness, which likely caused him to be overlooked time and time again. Lucky for Olver… he landed himself an awesome volunteer advocate at the shelter who contacted our rescue. We had some foster heros step up… and the rest is history! Olver is much shyer towards men, but he displays this shyness with avoidance. With woman, ESPECIALLY his foster mama, Olver is much more social from the get go. Regardless, he isn’t an instant wiggle butt with new humans, but comes around with some love and treats. He absolutely wants to trust, he’s just cautious at first. Can we blame him?? That was a long shelter stay… and who knows where he was before that💔 He also benefits EXPONENTIALLY from having a doggy friend TO show him that humans are trust worthy

Dogs: Olver has met a huge variety of dogs, small and large, and has gotten along with all dogs that he meets. He absolutely lovesssssss his foster sister. Him and his foster sister LOVE to play tug and just love to play. Olver does this adorable thing where he shoves toys into other dog’s faces in order to get them to play. Well…. It’s adorable when the other dog is friendly/playful. It may not be adorable if he does it to a cranky one, luckily he has yet to encounter one! He has taken corrections from his foster humans and foster sister wonderfully. He was recently neutered and he tried to hump his foster sister at the beginning. But after a big ole “NO!” From his foster sister… he has learned that boundary with her. He adores her and wants friendship and love from doggy companions. He is submissive on the submissive side of life and would do well with a variety of canine companions.

Cats: Olver has met one kitty so far, and he did well. He redirected his attention easily, took a swat from the cat without fighting back, and had an overall good energy. He is not currently being fostered with cats so it is something we will investigate further, but we believe he can live peacefully with cats! If you have cats and you are interested in Olver, reach out and we can have him meet your kitties!

Kids: Olver is shy and sudden/fast movements can startle him. He did well with a 6 year old in the car and in the backyard. This 6 year old didn’t have much interest in him and the kiddo mostly kept to himself and ran around the backyard doing his own thing. Olver played with his doggy foster sibling while the kiddos ran around doing other things. He is not currently being foster with kiddos, so we would love to see how Olver interacts with kiddos in the home. Respectful kiddos would be ideal, as with any dog, but specifically for dogs on the shyer side. He hasn’t shown us any signs of aggression. Hes just shy 🙂.

Leash training: Olver does well on leash. He is recently out of the shelter and is getting to know the world as a not scary thing. Sometimes if he is feeling overwhelmed, he will pancake to the floor, but is otherwise fine on leash.

Olver is a toy loving, doggy loving, sweet boy with some of the biggest and most expressive ears!!! He would make a great addition to a lot of different types of homes

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