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Pi - American Bully XL

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Pi! Buckle up! This is going to be a long bio! Why? Because Pi is absolutely a volunteer favorite and she is such a complex and amazing pup that would make anyone lucky to have her as their own.

Or Pi Pi. Where did she get this name? Is it because she is as sweet as Pi? Or maybe it is because of her wonky leg and one of our volunteers thought it would be clever to call her in 3.14... as in 3.14 legs! It is okay to laugh, Pi has a great sense of humor. So yes! Pi came to us with a wonky leg/paw that is mostly a mystery as far as what happened to it. Was it a break that didnt get professional attention, or a birth defect? Who knows, she really doesn't let it stop her from being a happy dog. She is deceivingly athletic and is mostly slowed down by her big ole head vs being slowed down by her wonky leg! Although it does have some small effects on her mobility, overall, it doesnt bother her as far as pain goes. This adorable and loving girl has a mouthful of missing teeth and rotting teeth (that the rescue plans to fix) and has the cutest underbite. Despite all of these quirks, Pi is an absolutely phenomenal dog. She is very loyal to her humans and absolutely adores any and all humans. She does have a bit of RBF and can be a smidge shy for .2 seconds. She isn't always your typical wiggly and confident American Bully, but if you give her one pat on the head or speak one word to her... usually her butt will start that uncontrollable wiggly bully thang with a tail that can do some serious damage! ;) Due to her initial caution and her pouty mug and her big ole scary head with cropped ears...some people may be intimidated at first. This makes everyone that knows Pi LAUGH! Because anyone that knows Pi...knows that she is the happiest and kindest soul ever!

Pi was found as a stray in a small rural town and ended up at a shelter where bully breeds don't often make it out alive. We fell in love with sweet Pi Pi and knew we had to save her. Her age is overall unknown and due to her teeth, it is hard to determine. The shelter aged her at 3 years old and our vet thinks maybe 5. Pi absolutely has her young moments, but is overall a big lazy love bug. So we think anywhere from 3-5 is a good guess.

Kennel Info: Pi went into a temp foster home which became her more permanent foster home. You see, her planned foster home didnt work out because Pi decided to eat the foster's door frame after escaping the wire kennel that she was put in while the humans were out of the house. We knew Pi would likely have some separation anxiety or kennel anxiety...due to her missing teeth AND the metallic stains on her teeth. Pi does really really well in her kennel when she is kenneled next to other dogs. Whether that is a wire, plastic, or heavy duty kennel. When/if Pi has to be left completely alone, (no humans or dogs with her), she needs to be kenneled in a heavy duty "indestructible" crate. Pitties and Kitties requires fosters/adopters to kennel the PKR dog IF they have other dogs...with Pi, even if you dont have other dogs...she will need to be crated when leaving her alone. For her safety and your belongings! If you wish to adopt Pi, PKR can lend you our indestructible crate during the trial adoption so that we can make sure Pi is a good fit in all the other aspects without the worry of having to purchase a heavy duty kennel before making the adoption official. Since returning to what was supposed to be her temp foster home, Pi has been working on being left alone for periods of time and has been progressing well. The good news is that she is also having a lot of success in her kennel! We don't want to downplay Pi's separation anxiety. But we also want to reiterate that there are many many circumstances in which Pi has been perfectly fine in her kennel. Pi's favorite thing in the world would be to be adopted by someonewho can stay home with her or take her to work...but this is absolutely not a requirement and she can definitely be crated for a typical 8 hour workday if thats needed!

Pi loves to get lots of cuddles in with humans and just being present with her friends/family. She acts like getting into a car or crawling onto the couch is the hardest thing ever, but can easily jump a baby gate when her foster mom has the audacity to lock her up behind a baby gate (how rude, foster mom!). Lets just say that Pi has the whole drama thing down to a tee. ;)

Dogs: Pi does very well with the other dogs in her foster home.Pi absolutely adores her doggy foster siblings and we highly recommend that her future home has another dog(s). She lives with 4 female pitties and 1 male poohuahua. She enjoys giving them some kisses after getting out of her crate or seeing them after being gone...and then she just mostly ignores them. She hasnt made any efforts to play with her doggy siblings, but she definitely is encouraged by their presence. She has raised her lip at new dogs that stick their noses into her no no square for too long...but hey, thats understandable! She hasn't acted with aggression, she seems to think a silent lip curl is a good form of communication. So we would like for her to be adopted by someone that will advocate for her when she is meeting a new dog that is far to interested in her lady parts. This is as simple as her adopter knowing this info and stepping in to correct the situation if Pi is showing signs of discomfort with a new doggy. After this, she will likely give the new doggy a kiss and move on. We have seen her correct a 4 month old puppy one time and it was a very intense but very polite and appropriate correction, afterall, Pi was previously a mama (probably to many litters). She is overall just very neutral towards other dogs.

Pi rides really well in the car, but will be dramatic and need her human to assist her with getting in. But thats okay, this girl DESERVES to be pampered and SPOILED!

Cats: Pi has a kitty foster sibling and has overall done very well with her. She is mostly scared of the cat. She would prefer to just ignore the cat completely. She does get overexcited when humans pick up another animal (dog or cat) and will start to follow you and try to reach whatever animal is in your hands. This can be a problem for some cats as they might get angry...but Pi isn't trying to do any harm, she just wants to be involved.

Kids: Pi LOVES kids. She is very gentle with kids and even takes treats from them with the softest mouth, despite having a GIGANTIC mouth. One time she met a kid on a walk that was 50% afraid of her and 50% wanted to pet her. Pi was cautious at first, doing her pouty mug that can intimidate some people...and this frightened the kid because the kid thought she "looked mean" Pi's foster mom assured the kid that she was very friendly and that she just has a pouty look...that kid proceeded to try and pet her, and did so by doing a quick soft but intense pat on Pi's booty and then the kid quickly backed up. This caused Pi to tuck her tail and run behind her foster mom because she was spooked from the kiddo being spooked by her! Its important that her future adopter advocates for Pi and makes sure that her interactions with kiddos are positive. This situation was not ideal as the kid was clearly afraid of Pi (for no reason other than Pi being a big ole scary bully) but Pi reacted with zero aggression, she was scared and confused as to why the kid was scared of her! Other than this interation, Pi has been around many kids of all ages and has done absolutely amazing with them. She LOVES kids!

Potty trained: 90% there

Leash trained: Pi doesn't pull AT ALL on leash and prefers short walks ;)

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