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Kiah - Pit bull mix

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Kiah has the sweetest disposition, “crazy” eyes, and a stellar personality…This girl is special and was saved by Pitties and Kitties Rescue from the city shelter because she was beginning to show signs of shelter distress, which makes sense as this girl had been at the shelter since July of 2022. Her owner surrendered her and we simply can’t understand why! Sometimes a dog’s stay at a shelter is due to behavior, medical, looks, etc… the ONLY explanation we can think of as to why she has been waiting for so long is her color. Black or darker colored dogs tend to have longer stays at shelters simply because they aren’t considered “desirable”. We are here to tell you… Kiah is MORE than desirable! She is very small, only about 30-40lbs and has everyone wrapped around her little paws.

The shelter is no place for any dog, and Kiah is showing her rescuers just how grateful she is for freedom. And now we need to find her a forever home! Although Kiah is assumed to be mostly pitbull, we think she could easily be considered a “lab mix” or something else for those not wanting the traditional huge headed, big muscular pitties. In fact, if you see her in person… you might even question how much “pitbull” she has in her! We will never know why so many people walked past her kennel and showed no interest in this loveable girl. Maybe it’s because she was at the West Side shelter, which is quite the drive for some people? Who knows…

She is an angel that will love just about any human that comes into her life. Here is a little bit about Kiah:

-3 years old and a spayed female.
-DOG FRIENDLY!! Enjoyed play groups at the shelter and liked to play and chill with her doggy siblings in her foster home. (3 female pitbulls 40-70lbs and 1 male chi mix)
-unsure on cats. Met her foster cat sibling and was fine… although that kitty is VERY MEAN and gave her some big swats and she became over interested. We will revisit and reassess once she is more settled in her foster home.
-KID FRIENDLY!! Although Kiah has a sensitive soul and sometimes shy soul, we think she would adore kiddos.
-Potty trained
-CRATE TRAINED! Absolutely excellent in her crate
-On walks, Kiah wants to gooooo! Can you blame her? She spent 280+ days in the shelter!!! She might need a little bit of work in this department, but PK rescue can give you tools/advice to set you and her up for success!!
-Kiah is a fit little dog, VERY short, and compact!
-Middle aged, but a young soul! Don’t be fooled, this girl can nap for days or zoom for days, depending on the mood/vibe. She reads people energy really well and knows what to do.
-loves humans, needs to be in your lap and to sneak some kisses. Although, we have witnessed her be independent and capable of just laying by your feet, depends on the vibe!!!
-super easy going and very calm
-She’s smart, and curious, and generous.
-Did we mention smart? This girl is seriously capable of becoming a service dog, therapy dog, or any other fancy job! She learns QUICK and she learns EASY! She has a natural ability to focus hard on what her humans are instructing her to do. Although we don’t know her full scope of tricks/knowledge yet… we have been lucky to see just how quick and easy she picks up on commands and human energy.
-She’s easy and tolerant. She settles fast!
-She is a sensitive soul full of love and kisses
-Kiah knows how to live in a home environment, you can tell that she has lived her life with a family.
-She has extremely comedic eyes when she has a toy or is focused on something. We call them her “crazy” eyes and it is enough to make anyone laugh!!!

She would be so easy to take home and it would seem like she’d been there all along. We hope someone gets a chance to see her the way we do soon and makes her their own. Kiah may be 3 years and an adult dog, but when the moment is right, she will show you her young, playful soul, followed by a quick transition to settle down if needed. She would likely enjoy human kiddos in her family if they happen to be apart of the deal. The more people to love Kiah, the happier she is. She just kind of instantly fit into her foster home. Her kisses and loving nature would surely bring the biggest smile to any kid (or adult for that matter) that is lucky enough to receive her love. Kiah is longing for that final destination, a place to call home. Could that be you?

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