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Princess - Pit bull Mix

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5 months old

Spayed female

Hello! My name is Princess!

I am a 5 month old American pitbull terrier mix and I am so excited to find my forever family!

Dogs: I love my doggy friends!!! I currently live with 2 small breed male dogs and am doing wonderfully. I love to play and nap with other dogs! As a puppy that spent more than half my life in a rural shelter… I need some manners with reacting to other dogs when I can’t meet them. I just want to play with them so badly.

Kids: I absolutely ADORE kids. Welllll. I love humans. But my foster family has young humans and I am just in love with them. As a puppy, I need help with guiding my nibbles in a polite way… but kids are simply amazing in my opinion!

Cats: I haven’t had a lot of interaction with cats. My foster family has a very mean and sassy cat that doesn’t interact with the dogs at all. So sometimes when I do see the kitty, I react with biiiiiig feelings. Due to my age, it is entirely possible for me to live with a cat… but we would need to start that process SOON in order for the most success!

Kennel training: as a puppy, I struggle with this. As a puppy raised in the shelter… I struggle with this. But my foster family is working hard to make sure I learn and get used to the important skill that is being kennel trained! I prefer to be able to see my humans or my doggy friends if I am being kenneled.

Leash trained: I walk wonderfully on leash!!! My young foster humans even enjoy holding my leash on walks! If a dog is in close proximity to me and I can’t meet them, I do get over excited. My future home needs to help me with this!

Overall, I’m an incredibly smart puppy that loves brain games, being with my humans, and hanging with my doggy friends. I would prefer a home that has other dogs in it and would make just about any home, a happy home!

Adopt Princess!

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