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Tucker - Pit bull x Cattle dog

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2 year old pit bull x Cattle Dog
Neutered male, fully vetted, microchipped

Hi There, I’m Tucker! Isn’t that a cool name? I picked it out myself. My foster parents tried sooo many names, but I ignored every one of them until they said “Tucker!” My little wiggle butt came running over when I heard that name, and the rest is history!

I’m a pittie cattle dog mix, and somewhere around 2 years old. But just like I picked my name with my foster parents, we can pick my birthday out together if you adopt me! For my birthday, I won’t ask for much, just a pup-cake. Ooorr a snack-o, or treat-o, or a yum-yum, really any sort of food will do. Have I told you how much I love food? I’m incredibly food motivated. I’ll do almost anything for a snack…including going kennel. All you gotta do is toss a treat in there and I run right in! I’m kennel trained, and I’ve been working on sit, down, recall, place, up, spin, and leash manners - all for treats of course. Basically, I’m the goodest boy already, but somehow get even better when there’s treats involved. Obviously, treats are my favorite thing in life.

Wait, cuddles might be my favorite thing. Do I have to pick a favorite? Okay, I’ve got it, my #1 most favorite thing is my person. My person just happens to be whoever is giving me treats or cuddles. I can be a little shy at first, but if you give me a moment, I will become your bestest friend. While I do get the zoomies and love to run and play, I’m much happier hanging out with you. I love to cuddle on the couch and watch you read books or watch tv….although my foster mom says I snore louder than the tv sometimes. Having a foster mom who works from home is lots of fun because I’ve sat in on so many meetings. I usually just lay by her feet because work can be so boring for a puppy! But sometimes she invites me onto her lap and I get to see all her coworkers on the screen and they all say what a cute and good boy I am!

I sometimes wonder if my foster siblings hear these meetings and get jealous of all the attention I’m getting, but that’s okay. I have two cats I’ve been staying with, and more dogs than I can count! Have you ever met a cat? They are fascinating! I love to sit and stare at them, even if they’re screaming at me, I don’t understand what they’re saying anyway. I’ve been nice to them, so now they just wonder why I’m staring at them with confusion. I’m not so confused when it comes to my foster dog siblings though, I know what they’re for: playing and chasing!

So, that’s me in a nutshell: a treat loving, cuddly, cat enthusiast good boy! I’m searching for my forever home and my person! If you think I might be “the one” for you, apply to adopt me!

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