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❗️🐱ADOPT ME🐱❗️

Longhaired Tabby with a super bushy tail
1 year old
Spayed female, fully vetted

Are you looking for a dog without all the commitments that comes with having a dog? Cats are still a big commitment… but boy oh boy do we have the perfect cat-dog for you! All the things people love about a dog, packed into this beautiful adoptable cat! Bonus? She has cat behaviors too🤣 she’s just the perfect combo for dog and cat people alike! Here’s more about Willow:

Willow was found as a stray in a very rural area and was brought into our rescue because a foster stepped up! From the moment Willow stepped into her foster home, Willow was a cuddle bug. Willow wastes no time when it comes to greeting her humans and seeking affection from anyone. Typically cats are hesitant with new things and new people… but Willow? Nope! This confident kitty loves anyone and anything😍 She’s got a LARGE personality that could make anyone fall in love with her! Willow loves to play with strings and toy mice. Willow is a talkative girl who likes to tell you about her day, maybe politics? The weather? Maybe she’s super passionate about something, but unfortunately… we don’t understand what she is saying. Maybe Willow would love to be adopted by a human that speaks cat, do you know anyone? Regardless, Willow was surely a public speaker in another life and her funny and loving and confident personality is just so enduring! How many cats do you know that come and greet you and NEW humans at the door???

Dogs: dog friendly, does not currently live with any.

Cats: Yes! Cat friendly. We would actually prefer for Willow to go into a home with other feline friends as she seems to enjoy cuddling, playing, and being with cat friends! Willow definitely benefits from being around other cats and she actually needed very little time to acclimate/adjust with her kitty foster sibling.

Kids: kid friendly, does not currently live with any but would love some kiddos to play with and cuddle with. The more humans the better

Litter habits: Litter trained, uses pine pellet litter or clay litter

Willow was in a trial adoption home for a few days, but has since been returned because the humans think Willow would do best with a furry friend. We would assume a feline friend, but maybe a dog friend may also be able to keep her company. Willow went from a foster home with another cat and into an adoptive home without other animals, so it was more or less a big change for her. She acclimated quickly and easily to her kitty foster sibling and they enjoyed cuddling, playing, and just doing cat things together!

So if you’re looking for a fluffy, super-social, playful, cuddly, friendly-to-other-animals, cat… Apply to adopt Willow!

Cat application:

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