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Zola - Pit bull Mix

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Zola is new to our rescue so please check back as we learn more about her!

So far we know Zola is a certified XL lap dog. At 50lbs, this gal would prefer to sit on anyone's lap that is willing to provide. She doesn't even really need an invitation...she loves hoomans so much that every lap is up for grabs if she has anything to say about it. She adores attention and takes treats in the most gentle way imaginable.

Dogs: So far Zola has been able to go on walks with her foster dog siblings but due to how new she is to her foster home, she has not been allowed to fully interact in the house quite yet. At Pitties and Kitties, we believe in allowing dogs to have decompression time before being thrown into the mix. Zola's foster mom has high hopes for her ability to live with other dogs based on the interactions she has seen so far. Stay tuned for more about Zola and other dogs! She has been allowed to hang out with her foster siblings and she mostly prefers to coexist with them at this point. She has not shown a need or want to play or cuddle with doggy foster siblings.

Cats: We aren't sure about Zola and cats yet. She has been able to catch a few glimpses of the various cats in her foster home as well as seen some as she left the shelter...Her reactions are good so far! She seems to have a healthy amount of curiousity and does not appear to want to chase, lunge, growl, or bark at the kitties. Once Zola has been given time to decompress, her foster home will evaluate her ability to live and coexist with kitties.

Kids: Zola LOVES the kiddos she has met so far. Zola is extremely sweet and loving towards humans and we imagine that she would love a kiddo that would shower her with love. Once Zola has a chance to meet a kiddo, we will update this bio!

Kennel: So far Zola has done great in her kennel over night and when the humans aren't home. She hasn't whined, barked, or had any accidents or destructive behaviors whilst in her kennel. She puts up a little bit of a "fight" when it comes to getting INTO the kennel...but thats understandable considering she spent 100+ days constantly in a kennel with little human interaction. This girl loves her humans and we cant blame her for wanting to spend time with us. A gentle lift into her kennel is all it takes to get her into it. We think with time she will be less apprehensive to getting in her kennel.

Potty trained: Yes

Leash trained: Yes

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